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Partner's first plan for Iraq during the 70-80 years, France has seen its trade decline as a result of economic sanctions in the 90s. They declined further following the military intervention of 2003, our exports falling to 143 M € in 2004 for capping from (173 M € in 2008, a market share below 1%).

However rebalancing therefore took place in 2009, our exports reaching € 413 million (up 139%) while under the influence of the international economy (lower oil prices and economic slowdown in Europe), our imports were halved (838 M € in 2009) a decrease of 42%. This combination of factors reduced our trade deficit 1.3 bn to € 426 million.

In the first eight months of 2010, our imports have increased by 37% (€ 831 million due to higher oil prices and economic recovery.

France has canceled approximately € 4.8 billion of Iraqi debt between 2005 and 2008, under the Paris Club. This cancellation 80% of Iraq's obligations towards us is the largest effort among Western countries.

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Crucial week for progress in the Iranian nuclear crisis - 24/05/2012

The coming week will be crucial to try to find a way into the crisis on Iran's nuclear program, peaceful, as Tehran, or military purposes, according to the West, with a surprise meeting in Tehran on Monday and a second in Iraq, Baghdad, May 23 In Tehran, the
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Terrorist operation in Tikrit - 04/04/2011

France condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist operation carried out yesterday against the Provincial Council of Salah Al Din in Tikrit. It offers its sincere condolences to the bereaved. It salutes the courageous struggle of the Iraqi authorities against terrorism and reiterated the full support of France
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Political Relations - 18/03/2011

At the initiative of President of the Republic, bilateral relations between France and Iraq has been revived in all areas from 2008. This recovery was reflected in numerous visits over the past two years, some at the highest level: the two visits ... Read more