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The development of bilateral relations and the increasing openness of Libya stimulate economic and trade exchanges, which are still relatively modest.

Marked by a structural trade deficit, our trade with Libya fluctuate quite widely from one year to another, our imports are more than 99% composed of hydrocarbons. Indeed, the field energy is dominant in our trade and investment in the country, even if French companies are also interested in aviation, infrastructure, telecommunication, transport and tourism.

The Agreement on encouragement and reciprocal protection of investments (API) was signed on 19 April 2004 and is now in force. The tax treaty of double taxation came into force on 1 July 2008.

Libya News

Procedure for entry into Libya - 23/04/2012

The visa is required for travel to Libya. To apply for a visa from the Libyan Consulates, bring the following documents:
  • letter of invitation issued by the Libyan Immigration Services
  • visa form
  • 2 photos
  • € 60 check (an entry visa) or 120 € (3 months visa
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Legalization procedure (Exporting) - 23/04/2012

French exporters to Libya are required to submit to the arrival of their goods for their release a list of the export documents are:
  • Commercial invoice (showing value against the euro whatever the currency invoiced)
  • Certificate of Origin (Cerfa)
  • Certificate of transportation
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Hotels in Benghazi - 01/02/2012

Here are two addresses for you to stay when traveling to Benghazi Hotel Tibesti Tel: 00 218 61 909 0016/17 or 00 218 61 909 8029/31
: 00 218 61 337 2091 Fax: 00 218 61 909 7160 Hotel Al Noran Tel: 00 218 61 337 2091
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Logistical information - CCFL - 26/09/2011

Here are some logistical information after moving to Libya Mr. Michel Casals, President of the CCFL. AIR There are currently air links Benghazi / Misurata / Benghazi, Benghazi / Tunis / Benghazi and Misurata / Tunis / Misurata. These flights are operated by companies Libya: Libyan Airlines (aboard Airbus A320s) and Air Libya (at ... Read more