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The activities of the company are exclusively internationally oriented.
Founded in 1989, the company provides two types of services:
advice and support the international development of French companies.


BOI works with businesses and with public authorities, from an experience of arranging and financing of projects in a dozen countries, including LDCs, developing countries and the emerging economies of Asia, the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe.

BOI is based on a geographical diversified network of external financial expertise, legal, technical, based on old and trusting relationships with companies and several specialized firms in Europe and the countries of intervention.

This network allows us to benefit from the expertise of technical experts with extensive experience, often industrial groups active employees who bring their expertise in projects and sectors that we study such as agriculture and rural development, agro industries -food, water, health, transport and energy.

Assistance to companies for setting up projects

Our company has gained a good practice of setting up projects by getting involved at different levels for the companies investing abroad: economic and financial feasibility, legal structure, tax, mounting financing, negotiation support, promote and communication.

Council for International Business Development

Interventions with large groups and public organizations locally for the construction or reform of an international development strategy, or over long periods, in some cases several years to support the guidance and coordination of their international activity.

Retrospective evaluation

BOI conducted ex post assessments of industrial projects, investment and cooperation on behalf of donors, in order to verify if funds have produced all their effects based on a range of criteria into project intrinsically to the sector concerned, the country concerned, financial instruments implemented.

Strategic Assessment

This approach may involve public policy, technical cooperation programs, industries nationally or inter-country and takes into account the international competition, the position of bilateral and multilateral donors. The aim is to highlight the issues and priorities of actions to implement.

Support the international development of French companies

Initiated from the beginning of BOI with the establishment of a tradeshow in Vietnam covering all aspects of agriculture and agri-food industries. Agromart this exhibition took place alternately in Hanoi and Saigon until 2000, when it was divided into several more specialized actions, and then transferred to an international operator.

BOI is referenced to the accompanying activity of French companies on foreign markets at trade fairs abroad, seminars, conferences, seminars and delegations, with specialized operations among other destinations in South Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam.

BOI has positioned itself as a partner in local foreign operators, subcontractor or agent:

As a partner to local or international entities, the BOI has participated in the creation of exhibitions in Vietnam and Libya.

BOI agent for France the Dutch group VNU, the VIV (livestock sectors living: veterinary pharmaceutical industry, animal industry, genetic food, buildings and equipment for intensive farming, engineering and equipment for processing of products, packaging and packaging, logistics) has established itself as a leader in its theme. The world meets at Utrecht 700 international exhibitors and nearly 30,000 trade visitors from across the globe.

The order of a hundred French companies exhibit their expertise in this room who declined events in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The company has also initiated an early organization of specialized conferences activity with the organization in 1991 in Phnom Penh the first conference of post-conflict conference on the theme of agriculture and rural development. EC consultation brought together approximately 40 international speakers from the meeting of nearly 600 Cambodian professionals.

A regular cycle of conferences on project funding has enabled us to build strong and diverse relationships within major development banks. We have a good knowledge of the mechanisms responsible and the World Bank and IFC, the Inter-American Development Bank, the European Commission, the EIB, ADB, several UN intervention agencies.
These "Study Days" which are always held at the headquarters of the International Organization of French delegations referred meet approximately sixty participants representing most major groups and research organizations developing French inserted from multilateral donors .

More recently, BOI has set up conferences on behalf of the French Development Agency, for example in 2010 a forum on public private partnerships in the Middle East, which met in Jordan for political, economic leaders, groups private financiers, in charge of transport, energy, water supply.

BOI also conducts specialized seminars on behalf of various sponsors, French Ministry of Agriculture, LCL, European Commission ...